Ability Optimisation

When existing operators or drivers display performance deficits or even low level ability, safety and productivity will suffer. VEEDRE offers state-of-the-art computer technology to train the core abilities required for optimal operation of vehicles or machinery.

The training system (CogniPlus) is used for developing, rehabilitating, or optimising cognitive, psychomotor, and perceptual functions. CogniPlus is based on up-to-date, scientific knowledge of cognitive functions and the ways in which operators can be trained. The realistic design of the training programs helps clients to integrate their progress into their operator roles. Fully integrated with our VTS assessment program, this provides a streamlined diagnosis, training and post-training evaluation service.

Realistic and easy to learn training modules are available to develop, rehabilitate or optimise abilities such as:


Attention: Alertness Training:

ALERT Module


The ALERT training program trains the alertness dimension of attention.


Working Memory: Spatial Coding Training:



CODING is a program for training monitoring processes and spatial coding in visuospatial working memory.


Working Memory: Updating - Spatial Training:



The DATEUP training program trains the executive updating function of spatial working memory.


Attention: Divided Training:

DIVID Module


The DIVID training program trains divided attention – the ability to perform different tasks simultaneously.


Attention: Focused Training:

FOCUS Module


The FOCUS training program trains focused attention – the ability to respond only to relevant stimuli.


Executive Functions: Response Inhibition Training:

HIBIT-R Module


The HIBIT training program trains response inhibition – the ability to suppress unwanted reactions.

Long-Term Memory - Face-Name Associations Training

NAMES Module


The NAMES training program trains effective strategies for learning people's names and associating.


Working Memory: Updating - Visual Training:

NBACK Module


The NBACK training program trains the monitoring function of working memory – the ability to retain information and update it.


Executive Functions: Planning and Action Skills Training:

PLAND Module


In the PLAND training program action and planning skills are trained through the presentation of realistic planning tasks.


Spatial Processing: Mental Rotation Training:



ROTATE trains the ability to form a three-dimensional mental image of an object depicted in two dimensions.


Attention: Selective Training:



The SELECT training program trains selective attention – the ability to respond quickly to relevant stimuli.


Neglect/Visual Field Training: Visuo-Spatial Attention Training:

SPACE Module


The SPACE training program was created for patients with hemineglect but can be used with patients who have an impairment of the visual field.


Attention: Vigilance Training:

VIG Module


The VIG training program trains the attention dimension of vigilance – the ability to sustain attention over a lengthy period.


Visuomotor Coordination Training:

VISMO Module


The VISMO training program trains visuomotor coordination - the ability to coordinate hand and arm movements.


Working Memory: Rehearsal - Visuospatial Training:

VISP Module


VISP is a training program for improving active rehearsal in spatial working memory.