At VEEDRE Assessment and Development Centre we conduct psychometric "ability assessments" and "at risk profiling" for new and existing drivers, operators and pilots in the mining, construction and transport industries using unique psychomotor assessments (in particular physical co-ordination, reaction, perception, attention, spatial awareness and time estimation).

We are Australia’s only psychomotor test provider specialising in the assessment of employee roles requiring the use of vehicles, equipment and machinery, particularly those in safety critical operations.  Our full range of assessments cover 90% of industry roles (Mining and Resources, Rail, Transport, Ports, Construction, and Aviation).

With more than 80 psychometric tests delivered through the Vienna Test System (VTS), VEEDRE makes it possible to quickly and objectively measure and rank operators against a defined set of work place safety and performance criteria.

VTS covers a full range of job-specific aptitudes including, not only the standard cognitive ability functions and personality predispositions, but more importantly critical factors like perceptual skills and psychomotor abilities, which are often not assessed.

VEEDRE's goal is to help "set the standard" in Australian businesses and industry by identifying and optimising   operator performance, and towards building and maintaining a "high performance culture" and safe operations.

We are committed to providing a service which can deliver significant benefits, such as:

  • Providing a highly efficient, effective and job-specific screening or career pathing process
  • Identifying safe and higher performing operators using specialised and world-leading psychomotor assessment
  • Delivering better quality applicants who are better performers on the job irrespective or previous experience
  • Ability optimisation training to improve employees’ performance and business bottom line