Advantages of CogniPlus

Proven improvements in safety critical abilities - Carefully targeted training through computer guided imagery and response sequences provide the best conditions under which key abililties can be developed.  Left to their own resources, individuals are often unaware of ways in which an ability can be developed because abilities often operate outside the realm of awareness.

Based on a deficit-oriented intervention approach - Each training program is tailored to a specific deficit rather than giving generalised training which has been shown to cause performance to deteriorate.

Realistic and motivating design - Clients want to apply their improved abilities as quickly as possible. In training the ability dimensions being addressed are almost always embedded in lifelike scenarios.  It is this appealing, modern and motivating appearance that makes training popular with clients.

Behavioural and Reflective-based Coaching

Behavioural and developmental coaching supplements experiential training (computer-adaptive) to provide the client the best opportunity to:Understand, evaluate and monitor performance results and progress

Raise self-insight and awareness of trainee’s own ability strengths and deficits that fosters a positive behavioural change

Transfer training and learning to job specific activities

Developed by prominent cognitive and rehabilitation scientists - Training programs are always developed in the light of the relevant up-to-date scientific literature.

Trainability focus - Training programs are only offered for cognitive, perceptual and psychomotor functions that are scientifically proven to be trainable.

Adapts automatically to the client‘s ability - Computerised training through an intelligent interactive system which is neither too easy nor too difficult for the client. It reliably identifies the client's ability level and adapts automatically to it, thereby maximising training effect.

Training levels from deficit up to elite performance - The training system has been designed to accommodate individuals with a wide range of ability from deficit, average, or high ability. This means that deficit abilities can be rehabilitated and average to high abilities can be optimised for greater performance.