The VEEDRE Assessment and Development Centre is a custom designed facility providing a comfortable and standardised testing environment.


Dedicated equipment including computers, testing hardware, and peripheral devices support the most diverse  psychometric and psychomotor testing requirements.

Our computer testing systems are fully networked allowing for individually paced testing and group-based monitoring by our IT professionals and test administrators.

As specialists in candidate management, VEEDRE provides the best testing environment to measure and report on the abilities and attributes of candidates through our:

On-hand coaches that facilitate candidates to be 'test ready' by helping them to constructively focus on correctly completing the battery of assessments

Candidate waiting areas and transition zones, which are separated from our testing rooms

Continuous supervision and support of candidates within a standardised testing environment

Easy to understand information that allows candidates to quickly get to the job of demonstrating their abilities






We offer a range of test service models to suit your specific needs:

Dedicated, branded testing at the VEEDRE site or yours, tailored to your requirements

Test administration with an Individual or group focus, according to a high or low test volume strategy for either staff selection or employee assessment

Use of validated test batteries for operator roles or customised to suit organisational needs

Centralised testing within a dedicated facility or regional testing using our mobile test fleet

Compact testing within short time frames or staged testing over time according to your recruitment campaign

All our testing systems feature:

Flexible assessment room sizes that can accommodate individual and group-based testing
Adaptive testing design that allows for single or multiple jobs to be assessed simultaneously
Robust and standardised response panels and devices; providing precision based measurement
Network and computer-based testing protected with high level security
Automated analysis of candidate test data configured for immediate results at the individual or group level